Crossing Borders to Address Global Challenges

The global classroom assumes a blended technology approach that creates an intense, personal learning relationship among a global, multilocal community of learners and faculty by combining live-streamed classroom sessions and mini-lectures with interactive small-group practice sessions.  Social media-supported conversation spaces would continue the classroom dialogue between sessions.  In this model, Becker College students will have the opportunity to work with students from a different region or country to identify, examine, and consider common social issues affecting their society.

Through research and collaborative dialogue, creative and sustainable solutions will be generated and action plans implemented.  Students will:

  • Assume personal engagement in global issues;
  • Recognize individual and cultural differences and demonstrate an ability to communicate and interact effectively across cultures;
  • Understand their culture in a comparative context and will recognize that their culture is one of many diverse cultures and that alternate perceptions and behaviors may be based on cultural differences;
  • Use knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems;
  • Engage in cultural reflection; and
  • Develop international relationships.

The Agile Mindset will serve as a framework for this model through empathy (uncovering insights and human needs in times of ambiguity); divergent thinking (finding, framing, and addressing real-world problems); entrepreneurial outlook (creating value through creativity); and social and emotional intelligence (collaborating with others respectfully across cultures to create solutions).

The project will be piloted during the 2016-2117 academic year.  Existing global partnerships will be used as case studies and further international partnerships in higher education will be explored.