Muhammad Yunus Quotes

“Changes are products of intensive efforts.”

“I learned that things are never as complicated as we imagine them to be.”

“I’m encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun.”

“The system we have built refuses to recognize people. Only credit cards are recognized. Drivers’ licenses are recognized. But not people. People haven’t any use for faces anymore, it seems. They are busy looking at your credit card, your driver’s license, your social security number. If a driver’s license is more reliable than the face I wear, then why do I have a face?”

“One cannot but wonder how an environment can make people despair and sit idle and then, by changing the conditions, one can transform the same people into matchless performers.”

“A charity dollar only has one life. A social business dollar has endless life.”

“All humans are born entrepreneurs.”

“In social business we don’t believe in copyright. We turn it around and make it copyleft.”

“In a world where you need a dollar to catch a dollar, everyone deserves a helping hand to lift themselves up.”

“People should wake up in the morning and say, ‘I am not a job seeker. I am a job creator.’”

“If you want to do something, you have to imagine it. If you don’t imagine it, it will never happen.”

“Entrepreneurs are innovative, highly motivated, and critical thinkers. When these attributes are combined with a drive to solve social problems, a social entrepreneur is born.”

“We need to use the power of technology and the creative power of young people. By combining these together, you can solve these problems. It’s possible!”

“The whole world is busy making money. Is this what human beings are here for?”

“The world is run by ideas, not by theories.”

“If you can have some impact on one person because of your work, then it can be multiplied.”

“Each individual is very important.  Each person has tremendous potential.  She or he alone can influence the lives of others within communities, nations, within and beyond her or his own time.”