WHO WE ARE – The Yunus Social Business Centre @ Becker College is the first and only one-of-its-kind at a U.S. institution of higher education.

WHY WE EXIST – We take creative, compassionate and sustainable actions to solve social issues.

WHAT WE DO – We see poverty, unemployment and other social challenges as opportunities to inspire new ideas, new businesses and new solutions.

HOW WE DO IT – We engage with a cross-sector of people – students, faculty, staff, and business leaders to feel, think and act in ways that improve the quality of life for our neighbors near and far.

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The YSBC@BC works to:

  • Incubate social business and entrepreneurial ideas and concepts into real world examples of social business and social entrepreneurship;
  • Ensure that students know they can change the world for the better through the fostering of changemaker skills; capable of taking creative action to address a social problems;
  • Promote global social business movement through events, lectures, social media, and publications;
  • Partner with existing and new non-profits in the community on projects;
  • Provide resources for students and faculty to operationalize social business/social entrepreneurship and to realize that changemaking is the norm;
  • Offer microcredit loans for start-up projects;
  • Develop curriculum focused on social innovation; and
  • Showcase student projects and faculty research.



On May 28, 2015, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Becker College signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to establish the Yunus Social Business Centre at Becker College.

Becker College is one of a handful of higher education institutions in the world—and the first in the United States—to establish an officially sanctioned Yunus Social Business Centre. The College’s Centre will focus on identifying real-world social problems, creating innovative, self-sustaining business solutions to transform lives and communities.



Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, Executive Director for Global Initiatives & the Yunus Social Business Centre, Becker College | debra.pallatto-fontaine@becker.edu | 508.373.9593

Office: 56 William Street, Worcester, MA 01609

Email: yunuscentre@becker.edu

Mailing address: Yunus Social Business Centre at Becker College | Becker College | 61 Sever Street | Worcester, MA 01609