The Yunus Social Business Centre @ Becker College (YSBC@BC) educates our students and the wider community in addressing social problems by developing and implementing sustainable business solutions having measurable, positive social impact.  Students learn to approach problems with a complete set of skills focusing on critical thinking rooted in a sense of ethics and the belief that change can happen.

Social business addresses economic, societal, and environmental needs while generating sustainable resources in order to alleviate poverty and unemployment. All profits in the social business are invested back into the business for the common good, not profit maximization. Investors help others without financial gain to themselves.





The YSBC@BC works to:

  • Incubate social business and entrepreneurial ideas and concepts into real world examples of social business and social entrepreneurship;
  • Ensure that students know they can change the world for the better through the fostering of changemaker skills; capable of taking creative action to address a social problems;
  • Promote global social business movement through events, lectures, social media, and publications;
  • Partner with existing and new non-profits in the community on projects;
  • Provide resources for students and faculty to operationalize social business/social entrepreneurship and to realize that changemaking is the norm;
  • Offer microcredit loans for start-up projects;
  • Develop curriculum focused on social innovation; and
  • Showcase student projects and faculty research.



On May 28, 2015, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Becker College signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus to establish the Yunus Social Business Centre at Becker College.

Becker College is one of a handful of higher education institutions in the world—and the first in the United States—to establish an officially sanctioned Yunus Social Business Centre. The College’s Centre will focus on identifying real-world social problems, creating innovative, self-sustaining business solutions to transform lives and communities.



Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, Executive Director for Global Initiatives & the Yunus Social Business Centre, Becker College | debra.pallatto-fontaine@becker.edu | 508.373.9593

Office: 56 William Street, Worcester, MA 01609

Email: yunuscentre@becker.edu

Mailing address: Yunus Social Business Centre at Becker College | Becker College | 61 Sever Street | Worcester, MA 01609