Biology Student Research Project- Where Social Responsibility meets Science

1479848788969Becker College senior Danielle Rossignol is about to earn a Bachelors degree in Science with a focus on Biology. She is currently working on a final research project inspired by her summer internship at Community Harvest Project.  As part of her internship, she visited the Worcester County Food Bank and learned about food insecurity in the Worcester County. For the year 2015, 10.9 percent of the population in the Worcester County was considered food insecure. Food insecurity can have multiple meanings, but the primary definitions are not having access to fresh fruits and vegetables because there is less expensive and less healthy food available, or not being able to obtain food by any means.

The Community Harvest Project donates one hundred percent of its crops to people suffering from food insecurity in Worcester County, which is the same county that Danielle lives in, made her question whether students at Becker College were impacted by food insecurity as well.

Her current research project is focused on enabling students to farm within a dormitory on a college campus, which may benefit the growing student population suffering from food insecurity and provide positive learning experiences for those who have an interest in farming. Danielle noted, “There is a gap in the biology program for those students who would enjoy to learn about the environmental and agricultural aspects of biology as opposed to the laboratory-style classes that are offered. By offering a garden for those students interested in agriculture to have access to and to work on, harvest from, and ultimately benefit nutritiously and knowledge-wise from, they can provide other students with a nutritious meal when they may not have been able to eat before.”