Valedictorian Speech from “Dreams: Educating the Future of Haiti” Graduation


“The guest of honor, distinguished Members of the office here in Brit’s home. The staff in charge of Becker College. All day and night care givers here in BRIT’S HOME, dear parents and friends, dear Colleagues, my fellow graduating; now qualified as professionals, trainers in child developmental psychology, ladies and gentlemen.

On behalf of the 2017 Team graduating today, I feel greatly honored to stand before you, with nothing to offer but with this very short speech of jubilation. We are celebrating that we are finally fully qualified professionals in child developmental psychology, going to work here in BRIT’S HOME and children all areas of Haiti to be recognized as agents of change by the public.

Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of my fellow graduating in child developmental psychology, I want to let you know that over the 6 months we have been here, we have really covered and learnt a lot in terms of studies and the teaching skills teacher needs to have in other to train good leaders for the next generation of leaders in Haiti.

This is a clear indication that we are now going to focus on the next generation of leaders of This country. This has been possible because of our willingness to learn, but still this would have been nothing without the hard-working spirit and dedication of our Amazing woman Dr. Debra palatto- Fontaine, who sacrificed her precious time helping us, even at odd hours. A woman who works tirelessly so that we can be who we are today. Our Advisor and supporter Papi Len Gengle and Manmi cherrylann Gengle, Mrs. Love Pun. Who always there and ready to push us forward in our career. These people really deserve a hand from us, ladies and gentlemen!

Secondly, allow me, ladies and gentlemen, to thank the entire staff of Becker College and Be Like Brit foundation for the cooperation that has been in place between them and us for the whole period we have been studying. It is because of this cooperation that we are the achievers today and we are celebrating this great success, together. Let this kind of cooperation and professionalism continue, so that the current professionals in child developmental psychology and other intakes to come, should enjoy the same fruits we have eaten ourselves – in order to continue realizing better success from each team of Professionals in child developmental psychology Here in BRIT’S HOME. This will only be possible if there is understanding of each other, since where there is no understanding, good and effective communication and oneness, there can only be failure.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we first started in this study we didn’t know where it would take us. But as of now, I am pleased to let you know on behalf of my fellow graduating Child developmental psychology we’ve learnt a lot. Through this well learned and dedicated staff members – has always fought tooth and nail to educate this generation. Ladies and gentlemen, let this send a very strong signal to you that come rain come sunshine, we are going to be a very good Model for all the kids and the staff members here and provide our skills.

I want to urge you – my fellow graduating child developmental psychology – we are professionals in child developmental psychology, yes, but let us go out a mile further as explorers. There are many problems that kids and parents in this country are going through, but our authorities may not be aware of. But I’m telling you, if we propose solutions to these problems something would be done. I think Napoleon was right when he said; the world is suffering a lot not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people. Let us now put ourselves actively motivated, to help Preparing the next generation of leaders in Haiti.

We should always ask ourselves what we can give to our country, rather than always asking for help from society or from our authorities. We are the change we have been waiting to see in Haiti’s education, for both economic and social development.

The guest of honor, ladies and gentlemen, I have nothing more to say, for I am much filled with the excitement this happy day has brought to us, the 2017 Team. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for the undivided attention you have shown as I have delivered this speech. Thank you!”

-Wilmann Laguerre, Valedictorian