Women’s Emergent Leadership Institute (WELI)

Emergent leadership is a key trait that is in high demand by a range of industries; such leadership is integral to building strong teams and utilizing innovation to create effective and transformational change.

WELI is now being offered through the Yunus Social Business Centre @ Becker College. We are accepting enrollment for 2018. We have three semester weekends: February 2 & 3, March 2 & 3 and April 6 & 7; on Fridays from 6-9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the Center for Global Citizenship, 44 West Street-Worcester campus. Program fee: $450 (Includes materials, refreshments on Friday evening, and lunch on Saturday.) A professional certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the program. Application deadline is Jan. 12, 2018.

For more information, contact Debra Pallatto-Fontaine, Ph.D., WELI instructor, at 508.373.9593 or debra.pallatto-fontaine@becker.edu.

See the flier for information about our 2018 offerings. (PDF)

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“Since joining this class I have been on a journey of self-discovery, and rebranding who I am. The last time I was happy at work, I was a project manager, interacting with teams of people to solve problems. After this realization, I recognized that I needed to rebrand and set myself on a different course. I signed up for the Project Management Professional certification exam, and passed. WELI is more than just a class- it is a chance to discover who you are and get tools to become who you really want to be. Fantastic and eye opening!” – Jill Markley

“WELI honestly made me more aware of myself and my abilities. In a way, the class forced me to examine myself and my worth. WELI changed my outlook on life and opened my heart. It gave me courage to continue to be my genuine self, even when my entire world around may seem like its crumbling.” – Loriel Sullivan

“When I started this series of classes I was not sure what to expect. I was already working in management/leadership at my company but felt like half the time I was not being listened to by fellow managers especially males. This class taught me to be confident, speak up, know my audiences and how to approach them, most of all to be mindful of my own personal needs, strengths and beliefs.” – Barbra Sekesogundu-Simon

“Learn to lead the future in our world today. Develop methods to work with co-workers of all personalities, genders and attitudes. Grow leadership.” – Lori Jones

“There are so many important subjects that I can name about this class that will forever be in my head from all the readings was how underestimated women really are in the business world in the past and still are today. There will always be conflict on how being a woman was hard in a “man’s world.” I know now that things are changing and I am changing. The way I think and live are complete different. It was the empowering to find myself. It was mind blowing how things can change in a short amount of time. How I changed, I have growth. I am a completely different person from that first day. I wasn’t even going to walk in that door. I can say I am helping run a company and I never thought I truly could. I am a woman in leadership.” – Marisol Webster

“This was a very good course to help me make some changes in the way I lead, in my professional and my personal life. The biggest things I took away from this course were to be mindful, to know my value and go after what I deserve, the value of networking and that the world doesn’t stop at the end of my street.” – Michelle Garber

“The Women’s Emergent Leadership Institute not only showed me techniques and advice on how to be a successful leader, but it also gave me confidence. This institute gave me the feeling like I could do anything I put my mind to and reaffirmed all of the reasons I wanted to take the career path I have chosen. Leadership in every aspect or definition of the word is not something I feel intimidated by any longer. WELI changed my outlook on women. Being a young woman heading out into the real world I was unsure of where I might end up in terms of a leadership role. I now have the confidence in myself to pursue greater things and higher accomplishments because of the support and knowledge I have gained from this institute.” – Jessica Franchi

“I am grateful to have been in this class because I have learnt that, it’s truly a fact that in order to be successful there are important aspect of whole that needs to be taken care of. As we nourish our bodies we need to nourish our mind, spirit, and soul. We need to have healthy, fruitful and honest relationships and know that we all are different and that being authentic is just fine, it makes the world a better place.” – Betty Ndegwa

“WELI has helped me to see myself in a different light. I am now refining some of my leadership qualities (communication, motivating others, and the ability to adapt), while adopting the ones I did not previously have (assertiveness, confidence, knowing my work, and having an agile mindset). I am now applying for a position at work I would never have gone for prior to this newfound confidence. Before WELI, I never saw myself as a leader.” – Lindsay Creelman

“WELI dares you to become exactly who you are destined to be – a better version of yourself.” – Tina Gaffney

“WELI provides leaders at every level key take-aways to help them navigate through conflict, organizational change, and corporate cultural difference…the social and emotional aspects of the teachings beautifully marries basic business principles with global realities.” – Anna Croop

“WELI forces participants to think about others and how we are interconnected. The speakers that came to the modules were highly inspiring. Dr. Pallatto-Fontaine is the perfect professor for this institute since she is a naturally giving and caring soul.” – Anne Barry

“WELI came at a time when I did not expect to need so much of what it offers.” – Robin Boucher

“In a sense, the WELI program has been a breath of fresh air. It is both invigorating and exciting to listen tot he thoughts, ideas, and growth of such a diverse group of women. In addition, it has taken me on an inner journey, urging mindfulness into my way of life. I am inspired to overcome my inhibitions in order to embrace and build upon my strengths. Thanks to Professor Pallatoo-Fontaine and the WELI program, I have evolved as a person, and emerged as a leader.” – Ashley Powers

“WELI gave me valuable insight and the wings in which to soar. I am so grateful to have been part of the inaugural program; it has been life changing. WELI is by far one of the most beneficial programs offered at Becker College.” – Marlene Cupka

“It was great to be with a group of women wanting more meaning and alignment in their work and personal lives. It’s not about being in power, it’s how to lead authentically, contributing to a globalized community in an ethical, contemplative, and social responsible manner. I feel inspired to make changes in my life.” – Laurie Kalil

“WELI has offered a different view in how I identify with myself. I have grown in many ways since the beginning of the program. Not only am I feeling more confident in my role as a mother and coworker, I have gained the insight and understanding as to why it is important to have good leadership skills. I feel more grounded and geared up to take on more challenges in my professional career.” – Lauren Canale